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Why Your Bucket List Is Fatally Flawed

You hear a lot of people talk about “bucket lists”, especially on Social Media. I want to say, right away, I’m not personally against bucket lists, I just think that the psychology behind them is totally wrong. Here’s why.

They remind me a bit of a new year’s resolution. People wait until January the 1st to start on a different chapter in their life, perhaps they decide to use this magic date to start to lose weight, whereas we all know that you can lose weight at any time, and no better time is right now.

The Bucket List Flaw

Excuse my use of bad language here but the bucket list would be better named as the Fuc*it list, because instead of waiting for some far off date to start the adventure, why not do it now regardless, or at least some of it. Who knows what the future holds, if you are a couple, are you sure that one or both of you will ever make the “bucket list”?

Suppose one person dies, does that mean that the other person has to complete the bucket list alone?

Life is a gamble, I’ll give you that but don’t put off to some far off date what could be achieved in some shape or form today. If you have 10 things on your bucket list, why can’t you start ticking them off the list starting this year. Maybe you could do one thing per year.

Shocking Facts of The Bucket List Brigade

A lot of people simply don’t make that list. Approximately 15% of the population will die before age 60. Of the people who do live past 60, 1 in 2 will get cancer. Now, in 2024 Cancer is more survivable than ever before, however the odds of making that bucket list are getting bigger, the older you get.

This is why, goals (your bucket list) are better done sooner than later. The day you design your bucket list, design the plan to start putting it into action. OK, maybe some things on that list have to wait until you retire, but always remember, at least 15% of the population don’t make it. past 60.

It’s a short and sweet post from me this week, I hope you like it, if you do, please do give it a share or why not leave a comment below, tell us about your bucket list if you have one.

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  • Good points! Most people just say “some day” when talking about their bucket lists. Today seems like a good day, rather than some day.