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The Stranglehold Of Money, And Why The Lack Of It Could Eventually Kill You.

Money is a KILLER!

Just when you thought life was going along smoothly, your car goes wrong or your central heating boiler gives up the ghost and dies. Maybe you have an accident and you’re not fully insured. The lack of money is waiting around every bend, every curve.. just waiting to pounce..

Debt is there waiting to lure you in..

Money, everyone wants it or needs it but too few people actually know how to make it in any sizeable quantity. most of us know how to make a living, but is it enough?

Living is expensive. In many cases, it is more expensive than the wage that we collect at the end of the month..

The Lazy Man’s Way To Riches

1960’s Mail Order Millionaire and author of “The Lazy Man’s Way To Riches, Jo Karbo said “Most people are too busy making a living to make any real money”. I think he was right.

The reason most people don’t get rich is that they are too busy doing something else..

The problem lies with most people’s perception of money. I have had many run-ins with people who ask me how I make a living on the Internet only for me to watch their eyes glaze over when I tell them.

The truth is, many people just don’t think it’s possible to make money online, they are so attached to the job mentality that any stretch for them to work online is like a massive JUMP into the abyss..

Many people’s perception of someone who makes money online is that they are a scammer..

MONEY. It’s Laughing At You.

I don’t pretend to know everything about making money online. I don’t think anyone out there does. I do know that it’s better to spend half my life working online for myself than nearly all of my life working for someone else. After all, everyone is in business, if you work for someone else, it’s just not your business. You are building someone else’s.

Money doesn’t care who it goes to. It doesn’t question your race or your background, all it knows is that money goes where focus flows and if you are focused on earning a living instead of building a life, you tend to get what you wish for. Money laughs at the uninitiated, it goes to the people who learn how to create it, not the people who learn how to do a job.

How much do you earn in a job?. This is the bar you have set yourself. For most people, that’s not too high, a job might pay you $20 an hour but this is only enough to keep you tied to the job. The bar we set is the amount of money we choose to earn per hour, and YES, it’s a choice.

Our hourly rate of pay is a sign of how much we have stretched ourselves so far in life. People who earn thousands per hour are not lucky, and most are not crooks, they just think better, they set the bar higher and they learn what it takes to reach that bar. As I’ve said many times before, if you are born poor, that’s not your fault, if you remain poor, that is your fault.

Money And Death, The Ultimate Price

If you only had one more hour left in this life, how much would you pay to be granted that one precious hour?

Probably a lot…

Would you offer the same price that you currently get paid? eh NO!. Why?, because at the moment it feels like you’ve got all the time in the world. Perhaps spending 50hrs at work is no big deal at the moment, but one day it will be. When you look back and you gave most of your life to work, you will ask yourself this question, “how far have I really come?”

Isn’t life all about the journey?. What about the quality of that journey?

When you are approaching your sell-by date and your toes start curling up, you might ask yourself this question.

Did I really get to do all I wanted to do, or was I at work, for most of my life?

A Little Bit About My Dad

I witnessed this firsthand with my dad. he worked all his working life 18-65 for someone else, in fact he held down two jobs at once for most of it. Eventually, when he hit retirement age (65), he decided to go into business for himself. He created a company and did very well. Had he started at 25, he probably would have been a millionaire by the time he was 40 and retired.

We never know exactly what is ahead of us, no one does but we can start to steer ourselves away from old skool thinking. The Internet has been with us now for over 25 years, yet there are still many people whose eyes glaze over when you talk about making money from it, the recent pandemic showed us how important the internet actually is..

People worked from home, people learned from home, people shopped from home. Now the pandemic is subsiding and we are slowly getting back to normality, will we challenge that old normal thinking and replace it with a new normal?

Probably not. The old life is comfortable. Even though we spend most of it financing our bills we like it because we don’t have to think much..

Money And The Price Of Cheese

I’m not saying money is everything. However, It’s a start towards everything. It brings you a better education, it brings you healthier food, it can bring you better medical care, it can even bring you a better living environment and it can give you many more opportunities in life.

When broke people are telling you everything is a scam you know it’s time to change the people that you talk to.

People argue about money all the time, wouldn’t it be nice to at least remove one form of stress from your life? Think about it. Is all the effort and stress of your job worth it?. you might think you’ve settled for the easy life but it’s a trap. Jobs are not secure. They used to be but now, anything goes. If another pandemic or war turns up it will be all hands to the pump..

Who gained the most from the recent pandemic?

Well, Amazon did, and so did anyone else who moved their job online. Writers still wrote, sellers still sold, the high street started to look like a desert.

Money And The Journey Of Our Lives

We only come this way once. Do you want to be remembered for how long you worked for the man (or woman)?. Isn’t it better to be remembered for all the things you created, all the pleasure you brought to people, all the fun and adventure you had?

Human beings are growth-centric creatures. We were designed to want more, be more, and create more.

I’m not anti-job. I’ve had many myself, but job income tends to not be so great, yes, it pays bills and maybe pays for a week or two’s vacation, but apart from that, it’s not a great way to exchange 50 hours of your life each week. That’s 2,500 of your precious hours a year or, 100,000 hours of your life in total. Think about that. 100,000 hours of your precious life for bills and a couple of holidays a year…

Do you think that’s a fair exchange?. let me know in the comments below.

Have a great day.


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