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16 Words That Stop People Getting Rich

There is a reason most people never get rich and it probably isn’t what you think. I know, we often think it’s luck, having the right genes, having a good business education, or inheriting a pile of money.

In fact. It’s none of those things..

When I was in my early twenties I was lucky enough to be tutored by a man called Lou Carrington. He was a local man who did good. There was nothing flashy about him, he had been brought up in Edmonton, North London, and had made a fortune from running driving schools and selling them on when profitable.

His whole philosophy was about work and creating opportunities. It’s not really who you are, it’s who you become. If you’re not rich and you’re trying to be, you just haven’t become the finished article yet.

He taught me.

LUCK: There is no good luck or bad luck. Good luck is simply working hard and seizing enough opportunities in life so one of them HAS to work eventually.

GENES: This is total BS. Most millionaires, and in fact billionaires were just ordinary people from ordinary family backgrounds.

BUSINESS EDUCATION: This is a good way to learn how business functions and how to get an MBA, however, many millionaires and billionaires have never seen the inside of Harvard or any other business school.

INHERITANCE: This can actually have the opposite effect and is not recommended. Many people who do inherit fortunes tend to want to lay on beaches, party, and not do a lot. Inheriting a lot of money can also lead to drug addiction and even worse.

Having a big pile of money handed to you is not always a good thing.

Rich People All Know The Value Of The Following Sentence

It really comes down to just one sentence. Just 16 Words:

The reason most people don’t get rich is that they are too busy doing something else“. As simple as it seems, this is what the problem is. People are too preoccupied trying to keep their existing Sh*t together to make any real money.

One of the most common objections I hear whenever you talk to people about creating a home business or side hustle is “I don’t have the time”. We create things in our lives that occupy most of it, most people work during their daylight hours, Monday to Friday. Most people use their Saturday to go shopping for the family.

This is often the reason a person uses when talking about a business. YET, the very same people who make millions, also have the same problems as you to start with. They are not all young single people. Many are family men & women with mortgages and kids who find the time. It’s just that they know:

The reason most people don’t get rich is that they are too busy doing something else

This is so true.

Think about it.

It’s like saying “why can’t I sing?”.. but you’ve never taken a lesson..

The reason a lot of people don’t attempt to go into business is because of perceived RISK. People tend to weigh up the security of what they have now with the prospect of things that may go wrong if they go ahead and start some kind of business.

This thinking may seem right to you now, however, as an entrepreneur the mindset should lean toward what can go right rather than what can go wrong. Life is full of risk, we can’t really avoid it, people get sick, they may be unable to work, jobs can just disappear and no one really knows what the future holds..

There will always be setbacks. Starting a business is never going to be worry-free or easy. However, think of what could be achieved. Are all your needs, hopes, and dreams being catered for by what you’re currently doing now?

I don’t think so, or you wouldn’t be reading this.

No Regrets..

Regret is a far deeper and more long-lasting pain than a short-term setback. The idea is to preserve your family security whilst attempting to increase your income in some of the hours you have that you don’t spend at your job.

No one is suggesting packing up a job and just going headfirst into a business. I wouldn’t do that anyway until you have a cash cushion equivalent to at least 6-12 months’ salary, there are numerous opportunities out there on the Internet to earn money, whereby you can start part-time and gradually ease yourself out of your job.

For more information on “thinking outside of the box” and gradually increasing your income, check out this book on Amazon.

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