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how to give yourself a raise

How To Give Yourself A Raise, Even When Your Boss Tells You To Get Stuffed.

OK, I know what you’re thinking. “If my boss told me to get stuffed, I’d quit.”OK, that’s understandable but what if he or she just said NO?.

This leaves us in a bit of a dilemma. Everything is going up, gas, electricity, petrol, diesel, food. The cost of living is EXPLODING, but wages will not and never will keep pace. Year on year it’s a losing game being tied to a job.

“BUT you say, “it is secure” it pays the bills..

Sure it pays the bills, but the bills are going up all the time, why do you think such a huge percentage of people who reach retirement age, celebrate their retirement by being BROKE.

It’s no Joke…

I think people know my views on jobs so I won’t go into them here, however, they are not the safe and secure havens that they once were. It is not unusual for people to now have several careers and several workplaces throughout their lives. This is just the way it is.

However, that doesn’t mean all jobs are bad, or insecure. It just means that in the 21st century, people have to be a little more shrewd when it comes to handling their financials. If your job pays you less than you need, either one of two things are going on here. Maybe both.

  1. You are spending more than you earn.
  2. Your pay is not keeping up with the cost of living.

How To Give Yourself A Raise – The Grassroots Way

The way to give yourself a raise is to always be selling. You are doing this anyway, every day.

  1. You sell yourself to the boss by making sure you don’t get the sack, so you sell him/her on your suitability to keep being employed by them.
  2. You sell yourself to your spouse to keep the peace and to keep them happy.
  3. You sell yourself to financial establishments to ensure they keep providing a mortgage, credit cards and insurance.

So why not sell stuff?

We consume, we hoard. I don’t know what it is, maybe stuff makes us feel good. Even the stuff we haven’t touched that’s been sitting in the garage, the basement or the loft. Maybe just knowing that this “stuff” is there makes us feel all warm and fuzzy..

The truth is, stuff, especially stuff we don’t need is really just filling space in our house when it should be filling space in our bank accounts. Many people’s houses resemble something that looks like a warehouse, not a home. Recycle stuff into money. We recycle stuff every day for the planet so why not do it for your finances?.

I know not everyone is an entrepreneur, and it’s not always easy to find opportunities to run alongside your job, when you come home at night, probably all you want to do is have a chat with your partner and kids and sit and watch the TV, however, if your wage just isn’t good enough, hiding your head in the sand won’t make it get any bigger, your wage – not your head..

Sell, stuff. Get it on eBay, Etsy etc…

In order to keep things rolling and to laugh in the face of inflation, I do believe that you need to have as many “buy buttons” out there as possible. Whether it’s selling your junk on eBay or selling a service or product from your website, just have as many buy buttons in your name as possible.

If you want to go a step further and learn how to create a business alongside your existing job, you could find the answer here in this book. I wrote this book to show people how they don’t have to rely on your boss giving you a few shekels more each week to live on..

Don’t beg the boss, buy the book!..

Have a great day.


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