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7 Psychological Mind Control Hacks To Gain An Unfair Advantage

Gaining an “edge” in any situation can be extremely attractive, whether it’s winning an argument or persuading someone to see your point of view. Here are seven hacks to attract what you want by using human psychology.

No 1. “The best way to get someone’s attention is to no longer want it”. Human beings are far more attracted to things they can’t have than to things they can. If you are always available, people can end up taking you for granted.

Don’t always be available to people. Rare things increase in value, your time should be valued more highly by making your time, less available.

SIDENOTE: People often desire the unavailable. The unavailable is always more attractive. They also tire of the available. Keep things interesting by changing things up now and again.

No 2. The strangest way to make a friend is to ask them for a favor. Why is this, you might ask?. It’s simple, really. People only do favors for people they like. If someone does you a favor, you are automatically more likely to reciprocate. This reciprocity opens up a line of communication that may not have been there in the beginning. By doing a person a favor, they are more likely to become a friend.

No 3. The nodding trick. This is actually quite well known and is employed by the most successful salesman. Face the other person. Nodding your head whilst asking the other person a question is far more likely to get them to agree. This tip alone is pure GOLD. We often tend to model the other person’s psychology, you can test this by simply yawning in front of another person. The chances are, they will yawn too. Nod your way to getting the other person to agree with you, but don’t make it too obvious.

Silence Is Golden

No 4. The Silent Treatment. Yes, silence is golden, especially when you want someone to tell you more than they are initially prepared to tell you. Let’s say that you ask someone a question and they reply in a very cagey way. They give you a half-answer. Stay silent. People will often do whatever it takes to break it, even saying things they wouldn’t normally say. If you remain silent, they will eventually cough up more information.

No 5. Asking open questions. If you are trying to get someone to do something or buy something, don’t ask a question that can only have a “yes” or a “no” answer. Turn the question into a question/suggestion, Ask open-ended questions like ” Why don’t you take advantage of this offer now before the price goes up tonight?” or “Why don’t you drive, you’re a much better driver than me?”

These are all open-ended questions, they don’t require a direct “yes” or a “no”

It’s All In The Posture

No 6. Posture Matching. Have you ever had a conversation with someone for the first time and you get this “feeling” that they are a “kindred spirit” but you just can’t put your finger on why you feel so “warm” to this person?

It could be that either consciously or unconsciously they are “matching” your posture and mannerisms. Using this hack is a great way to get people onside. People like people who are like them. If a person’s mannerisms are similar to yours, the chances are they will feel like they are talking to an old friend.

If you are much taller than the person you are talking to, come down to their level, don’t look down on them. Try to follow their speed of speech and copy their posture without making it obvious. Keep eye contact with a person without staring. Look away every now and again and help make them feel as comfortable with you as possible.

People will often do whatever it takes to break it, even say things they wouldn’t normally say. The next time you get a half answer from someone, just wait them out. Sit there quietly and politely. Then, sure enough, you’ll get your full answer.

Please Sir. I want more

No 7. Leave people wanting more. One of the biggest “secrets” to being charismatic is to keep people interested in both you and your conversation but to always leave them wanting more. When you take a phone call, always indicate to the person who phones you that you only have a couple of minutes as you have a meeting. When you meet someone, especially for the first time, have a good time but don’t tell them your whole life story. Keep them guessing.

If people know everything about you, there is nothing more to know. Always give people part of the puzzle without giving them the whole picture. Keep people interested by becoming a bit of an enigma.

Wow, those 7 Psychological hacks should give you something to get your teeth into. Please, always use them for good. I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did please leave a comment below and share the post. Much appreciated.

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