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Love Yourself Deeply or Kill Yourself Slowly

Love Yourself Deeply. We often live for finding love, maybe the love of our life. In fact, the world is almost obsessed with the romantic. Nearly every movie has some sort of romantic scene. Sometimes, I can’t help thinking that we are often looking for love in all the wrong places.

Loving yourself is really the key to loving others. We attract who we are. How can anyone love another if they can’t even love that person within?.

Loving yourself is not vanity. It’s sanity. People are only alone with the person they can’t stand. If you feel alone, it’s because the person you are doesn’t love the person you’ve become.

Love Yourself Deeply – Can I Turn It Around?


Although we are creatures of habit, we can start to change almost in an instant. It takes between 21 & 60 days to completely change a habit. The habit we need to change is the opinion that we have of ourselves. This is often something we carry over from childhood. Maybe you were not the favored one in the family, perhaps your brother or sister was loved more (in your opinion).

Maybe love has been conditional up to now.

Maybe you grew to hate your looks, your life, etc. Maybe life didn’t fit your pictures of how you thought it should turn out. Perhaps you grew disappointed in yourself. All of these things make sense while making no sense at all.

Let me explain.

We don’t have to go through life trying to find our purpose. We also don’t have to be a certain way, a type, to be happy. We can make happiness our goal in life. Why not just be happy.

Happiness arrives the minute you decide you are. No ifs, no buts. Nothing can give you permanent happiness except you. Anything that is dependent on something outside of you is doomed to fail.

Nearly all of us are NOT born with genetic advantages. People like or love us for who we are, not because of how we look, sound or behave. How we feel about ourselves is either attracting or repelling those around us.

I mentioned, Killing yourself slowly, earlier. This is what happens when we hate ourselves. We attract all the wrong things and in the end, it affects both our physical and mental health.

Positivity prolongs life. I’m not a doctor so shoot me.

Love Yourself Deeply – Switching For Success

As Rebecca Collins says in her book “Love Yourself Deeply

• Be assertive when you want to express your emotional needs and state them clearly without being aggressive

• Don’t take things too personally. An off-the-cuff remark or comment isn’t always a personal attack on you

• Don’t slip into the victim role because you are not. You are responsible for your actions 

• Be prepared to trust in your instincts more, and allow yourself to trust others too

• Accept your flaws and recognize that no one is perfect

• Be mindful of your inner dialogue and reactions to that 

• Stay true to your core values and don’t let them be overshadowed by your partner’s values

• Be open to change and to work on self-improvement. No need to try to change others — that’s not your job 

• Take time each day to reflect, which can be in the form of meditation, or just sitting quietly for a while and allowing your thoughts to pass by, like fluffy clouds

Loving others deeply and attracting those potential life partners you want comes from loving ourselves first. If you love yourself, you can never be alone.

You are a Miracle. Recognise how amazing you are. You came into this world with the odds of 1 in 400 trillion You are a unique and amazing person.

I hope you found value in this post. If you did, please do leave a comment below.

Have a great day.


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  • This resonates with me so much! Low self esteem often causes us to take other peoples’ comments personally – I know they did with me, when I was younger. I’m always saying the people, just choose happiness, and they look at me like I’m from another planet! lol
    As a firm believer in the Law of Attraction, I also believe that we’re responsible for our own happiness. It doesn’t come from something ‘out there’, and it certainly doesn’t come from owning loads of stuff!
    Thanks Keith, great share!