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How To Think Like A Millionaire

Millionaire thinking?. Why aren’t more people millionaires?. The 2021 Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report stated that at the end of 2020, an astonishing 56.1 MILLION people worldwide were millionaires.

You don’t need me to tell you that creating a million dollars requires something more than your normal everyday thinking. When you look at it, It’s not really that it’s hard to make a million, after all, people have been doing it for hundreds of years. It’s more about developing that millionaire mindset and putting it into action.

Let’s take a look at how millionaires think.

#1. Millionaires think long-term. Although the present is ever-present in their minds, they are always planning ahead. It’s not unusual to see millionaires creating goals for a year, five years, or even ten years ahead.

#2. Millionaires are OK with delayed gratification. We all want it now, but Millionaires tend to be able to free up capital by delaying gratification and not ordering the new car or bigger house just because they can afford them. This is how to create more capital to use for the purpose of making more.

#3. Millionaires tend to live below their means. A recent survey showed that millionaires tend not to purchase homes that cost more than three times their yearly salary. On the way up millionaires tend to purchase cars that are three years old or more and live in neighbourhoods where house prices are less than they can afford.

Think Like A Millionaire – Millionaire Mind Crush

#4. Millionaires are always learning. Their education never ends and they invest money in themselves.

#5. Millionaires are focused individuals. Although the average millionaire is said to have seven different income streams, millionaires diversify at the top, not the bottom. They master one income stream at a time.

#6. Millionaires are relentless. They are literally unstoppable. They fail and fail again until they get it right. This is something sadly missing from many people out there calling themselves entrepreneurs.

#7. Millionaires are OK with change. In fact, they embrace it. The very fact that things keep changing just creates even more opportunities.

#8. Millionaires think positive, they don’t go around blaming others and rarely criticize other people. They know that they are responsible for who they are and what they have.

Millionaire Thinking – The Millionaire Mindset

#9. Millionaires don’t see problems as problems at all, they see them as either a lesson or an opportunity

#10. Millionaires make their money work for them. They invest their money in real estate, low-cost index funds and other savvy financial instruments. You won’t see them leaving money in savings accounts paying 0.01% interest.

I think this gives you an idea of how millionaires think. Want more?. check out my latest book “Millionaire Mind Crush” on Amazon.

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