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Mind Over Money: How Your Personality Shapes Your Financial Destiny

“Your personality creates your personal reality” – Dr Joe Dispenza

What exactly does this mean?. It means that your life satisfaction, emotional well-being, physical health, and longevity are largely influenced by your personality and life circumstances.

In other words. How you think and feel tends to create your future, not only does your personality create your personal reality, but your personal reality can also create your personality. Let me explain.

The Life Changing Secret That Hardly Anyone Knows

Let’s begin with a few facts about why many people find it so hard to change.

By age 35, 95% of what we say or do has already been programmed into us. Most of our thoughts, decisions and habits are now a part of us and feel like they are set in stone, how we created ourselves up to age 35 yrs old is probably how we think today, and for many, this is how they will think until they die.

OK, it doesn’t have to be like that, as I will explain, shortly.

We have between 4000 and 6000 thoughts a day, of which 70% of those thoughts were the same thoughts as yesterday. We repeat this pattern day in and day out.

Because we are already 95% of the way there with our thinking program, by being conditioned to think a certain way by age 35, we struggle to use the 5% of our conscious mind to empower the preconscious and subconscious to change. It’s a bit like using a tyre iron to move a mountain when in fact, explosives are needed.

We all think none of us are programmed but in fact we all are and we did it to ourselves. No one did it to us, despite what many of us think. Sure, there are plenty of people to blame out there but in truth we are where we are today because of us.

So Where Is The Escape Route?

The escape route comes from changing our thought patterns, permanently. Imagine a person who meditates. Meditation relaxes the entire being and makes the human brain more pliable to be able to think differently. What is meditation? Meditation is a practice in which an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity – to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.

You don’t need to meditate to change your thinking, but you do need quiet, clarity and the will to change. If you have those, lets continue:

Your feelings create your emotions, your thinking creates your personality, this in turn creates your personal reality. Let me clarify this:

Being mad at the world all the time is really you being mad at you. The world didn’t get you to where you are today, you did that. By diverting your anger at the world, diverts the blame away from you. This is why haters don’t really hate you , they simply hate what they have become and by blaming you for something, they make themselves feel more significant.

After all, we all seek significance, its our reason for being alive. Some poeple get theirs by blaming others and making them feel bad, others get theirs by improving themselves and improving the world.

How Can We Instantly Improve Everything?

“Imagination”. Yes, you might find the following paragraph a bit hard to swallow, but go with me on this.

We are how we constantly see ourselves. If you see yourself as confident and wealthy, you’ll grow into that personality, provided you take the time to see and feel your way into that role. Your role in life is not the badge that people give you, it’s not the job you do or the label that your family give you. You decide your status in life, you decide by who you believe you are.

By quieting the mind daily and roleplaying yourself in your imagination, see yourself as you wish to be and slowly, day by day, you’ll grow into that role, just like the role you’ve grown into up until now.

You don’t get better by being the same person, you get better by fighting back from the programming you’ve received over the years. You do this in the role of quiet imagination, daily. See and feel who you want to be, roleplay that role in your mind until it appears in real life.

That’s how you improve your life.

Final thought. Complaining can get things off your chest and having someone to share those problems with can be life-changing. However, complaining and doing nothing to solve those problems just leads to a life of frustration and the more you repeat the problem, the more you attach yourself to it.

You’ll never have a life free of problems, no matter how rich you become. You can alter the way you feel about problems though. some people see them as immoveable mountains, others see them as bumps in the road. How you react to things determines the quality of your life. Spend each day improving it by creating your future…


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