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Millionaires, Serial Killers And Us, The One Thing We All Have In Common

What makes a young nurse, working with sick babies in a neonatal intensive care unit in the UK kill 7 babies and is suspected of killing 6 more?. This is one of the most shocking crimes this century so far in the UK, and committed by a young nurse described by police as “just an ordinary quiet girl”, in fact the police classified her as being “beige”, Beige is accepted as a synonym for dull, run-of-the-mill or safe

That woman is Lucy Letby, this century’s most prolific child serial killer.

She has never said why she did it, but a well known police psychologist put his finger right on the button when he revealed why “he” thought she did it, in fact, why criminals do the dreadful things they do may actually SHOCK you, because it often points to the very thing that WE also crave, and I’ll give you a clue. It’s not LOVE…

You may think this is the NO1 reason that we do things, but it isn’t. It’s up there but it’s not the NO1 thing.

Millionaires, Serial Killers And Us – The Common Factor

We all want something so badly, some of us will do almost anything to get it. This “thing” is craved by all, it’s the reason people bully others, it’s the main reason people kill others and it’s the NO1 reason people want to be successful in life, whatever success means to you.

You can’t escape from this “thing” it’s in us always and always will be, some people get it though causing others harm, others get it through helping others, it’s called “significance” the quality of being worthy of attention; importance.

Lucy Letby The Serial Killer

Plain nurse Lucy Letby got her significance, her “power” through cruelly killing small innocent babies. If she hadn’t been eventually stopped, she would have probably carried on killing, feeding the need to be significant. Bullies feel insignificant, this is why they have to overpower others and make them suffer, tearing them down, build up the bully.

Millionaires, anyone who wants more for their families, themselves, get their significance from creating success. They don’t need to tear others down to feel better about themselves, they feel more significant, the more successful they become. We all have this craving in us. Wanting significance drives us to do things, either bad or good.

The last thing we want to compare ourselves to are bullies and child killers, we are not cut from the same tree, we just get our significance in different ways. Not many people will admit they don’t feel significant, this is why many child killers go to the grave without revealing their reasons, not being significant can hurt, and many people won’t or don’t want to admit it.

And finally:

The best way to feel significant?, help others to feel significant.

And as for Lucy Letby?, she’s due in court to hear her sentence this Monday (21st August 2023), my guess is she wil lget life with no remission. She’s 33 now and her crimes have probably cost her about 50 years of her life (quite rightly), all that for finding significance, the wrong way.

This is a bit of a sad post this week, my thoughts go out to all the families and victims connected to this shocking crime.


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