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5 SHOCKING Life SECRETS Your Grandma Never Taught You

SECRETS, Let me tell you a story. Many years ago there lived this huge army of old wives, who in between washing the pots and pans would crank out sayings such as “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” in other words, “it’s better to be content with what you have than to risk losing everything by seeking to get more”

Of course, no one really fessed up to starting old wives’ tales however, we still use many of those sayings today, like “beating around the bush”, “break a leg”, bring home the bacon” and “bite the bullet” etc. Sometimes, these sayings made no sense at all, however, we ignored that and spoke them anyway.

Today, things are different. Wisdom tends to come with a manual, perhaps a course or a book. We are no longer satisfied with the sayings of our grandma’s, today we want strategies. Real things that come with instructions.. Except if you are a man of course as we don’t read instructions anyway.

So, let’s get into the meat and potatoes.

5 Modern-Day Secrets Your Grandma Probably Never Taught You

1. The best way to get someone’s attention is to no longer want it. People are more attracted to things they can’t have than to things that are readily available. The scarcer something is, the more desirable it becomes. This includes you. If you are always available, your perceived value is reduced.

2. People tend to treat you the way you have trained them. I know this sounds crazy but it is true. For example, if you are always available to people, they grow to expect it. If you allow people to speak to you in a certain way, people start to get the idea that’s OK for them to do so. Always have boundaries, never let people walk all over you, let people know in uncertain terms what you allow and what you don’t.

3. Relationships. Two half circles will never make a whole in any relationship. If you are seeking a relationship because you are lonely, the chances are you will attract someone else who is lonely. You don’t need another person to complete you. Your best relationship with another person comes when you are happy within yourself and so is the other person in that relationship.

Neediness or loneliness will never make a relationship work. Nor will looking for another person to make you happy.

4. Happiness is a decision. It always starts with you. You are happy when you decide you are. None of us actually need a trigger to start our “happy”. We also don’t need to wait for future events, things that need to happen before we can be happy. Although people (relationships) can add to your happy, they will never be the reason for your true happiness. Only you can be the reason that you are happy.

5. Be authentic and true to yourself. This very much ties into happiness. In fact, this goes hand in hand with it. What is your purpose in life?. Do you have one?. Do you need one? This is very important. You either have a purpose in life or you don’t. Sometimes that purpose will expire.

For those who have a purpose, many will think that their purpose in life is to be happy. This sounds good, but this isn’t really the true purpose. Before most of us can be happy, we need to be authentic. Being authentic is being the person we truly are and living life in accordance with that. To feel complete, being authentic, and being the person you really are may be all you need.

So many people live lives of quiet desperation, often living their life for others, it is no wonder that so many people are depressed. We are depressing our true selves. Be true to yourself, dare to be authentic.

My last BONUS secret…

Life will not wait for you. We are losing some of it every day. If you have an itch that has yet to be scratched, a desire that hasn’t yet been met, something you need to do, something you think about all the time. Don’t wait. Do it anyway, stop thinking of all the reasons it won’t work, and start looking at all the ways that it will.

If you don’t, you’ll end up bitter, cursing and kicking yourself. Regret is a ton worse than all the sh*t you have to put up with making yourself better. Nothing is easy, if you want to break out of the mould, you have to be different, act differently and not worry about others’ opinions of you..

The good opinions of others will never make you [FILL IN THE BLANKS]

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P.S My own grannie was called Francis, she was an amazing lady. She was up at the crack of dawn putting coal on the fire, there was no central heating in her day. She had an outside toilet and she smoked. She lived until 99yrs of age, didn’t quite make the 100. Bless her soul.


  • Thanks for an awesome article. I have been working on some of this stuff but it struck me when you said about being treated the way you trained people to treat you! This is so true. I have always put off a loner vibe, therefore people treat me like I am not there..hmmm revelation! So…I need to start interacting more and I won’t be alone!