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How To Make Every Day A WINNING One

Do you want to know how to make every day a winning one?. You do?, good, read on..

Winning. – I’m not talking about gambling, here. I’m talking about coming out on top, each and every day.

At first, it sounds like a challenge., maybe you think it’s even impossible or garbage, but in actual reality, it is those very challenges we face each and every day that make up every winning situation in life.

Let me explain.

Most winning situations are directly linked to overcoming problems. Therefore without the problem in the first place, the winning situation wouldn’t arise. I didn’t just make this up, this has been my experience for decades.

Every winning situation grows out of a problem.

We are nothing without our challenges. Imagine if you will, a man or a woman who has everything. In reality, who thinks that they have everything, is it you or them?. It’s purely a person’s perception.

If you have money, a big house, a flash car, and a trophy wife, to some, this may be everything, to others it may be very little. Perhaps you have a decent job, a loving partner, food on the table and a fair size flat in South London. To you, you may have everything.

Everything is purely a collection of feelings, thoughts, and physical things you need to make you feel that you do indeed have “everything”

Challenges can be the best things that ever happen to us. Without challenge, we have sloth, complacency, and good old-fashioned inertia, seasoned with a little procrastination.

WINNING – The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Things change, people change. Before I sold my house in 2017 I always thought I needed a house, now I’m not so sure, maybe now I just needed the experiences of life that selling your house can give you without the bricks and mortar and the upkeep. Maybe the house which I thought was part of winning was actually part of losing.


The reality is, we are all trying to do our best. We may all not be winners by society’s high standards but we are all winners in our own way. A single mum who struggles each day to bring up her kids has to overcome a lot of challenges, isn’t she a winner too?

Of course..

It’s not that life is full of winners and losers, it’s our perception of who is a winner and who is a loser that counts. If we truly believe we are, then we are. It’s what we think of ourselves that really matters.

Every time you have a bad day, don’t confuse it with having a bad life. Everyone’s life is full of bad and good events. It’s not always an even spread, and although it should balance out in the long run, today may be one day in a series of bad days for you.

Bad events often create more bad events, good events often create more good events.

Look at the setbacks, look at the pullbacks, learn from the challenges and use them as data to improve your life. If you’re not already feeling like a winner every day, ask yourself why?

  1. Celebrate the positives.
  2. Learn from the negatives
  3. If you have a problem, so do others. Can you turn it into an opportunity to solve it for other people?
  4. Dark corridors, pain, loss, challenge, fear exist in almost every human being on the planet, even the rich and wealthy, visit this place, acknowledge it, but don’t live there.
  5. And FINALLY. Never give up on life. It rewards those who keep on trying. You can only fail if you give up. Every winner overcame a series of hurdles to win the race.

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