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The art of making money

The Art of Making Money, Without Relying On Luck

“Making money isn’t about luck, it’s about becoming the kind of person who makes money” – Naval Ravikant

I know this might sound obvious to you, but you would be surprised at just how unobvious the above quote really is. Most people believe that the key to making money, REAL money, comes from the list below:

  1. You have to be lucky.
  2. You have to be born into it
  3. You have to work hard for years and years
  4. You have to be born with a certain mindset
  5. You need a good education
  6. You need to be single and have no debts – a free agent

ACTUALLY. If this is your thinking. You’re wrong.

The truth is. Anyone can make a lot of money if you become the kind of person who makes money.

Money, Which Kind Of Person Makes It?

  1. The first person who makes money is the person who doesn’t make excuses. I know we all come up with a few when it suits us, but there are people out there who constantly make excuses for their failure at everything.

We are sitting right in the middle of a blame culture.. It’s so easy just to blame everyone else for our lack of success.

2. The second person who makes money is the person who is prepared to put some of their current life on hold now in order to create a better a better life down the road. The truth is, most people are too busy living their life to ever make any REAL money..

YET.. according to the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report. There were 56.1 Million, millionaires in the world at the end of 2020. Also, have a guess where most billionaires come from. Do you think it’s the USA?

Actually, according to Statista, it’s good old communist China. Surprised?

So, what does all this tell us?.

I think it tells us that money, wealth, becoming a millionaire is open to all of us, all of us who don’t keep making excuses that is. There are no barrier to making money. It doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t favor the unencumbered single person or anyone else. Millionaires come in all shapes and sizes and many come with families to feed.

My point here is some of the most uneducated people on the planet have become millionaires. Millionaires have started out broke, they have families, mortgages, debts, health problems and just about anything else..

The one thing they didn’t have, were excuses. They got on with it.

To make money. You simply supply a product or service that people WANT. Then you learn how to market that product. It’s not rocket science.

It’s not luck that makes people become wealthy, it’s an unstoppable desire, followed by constant action in the right direction. This is what brings true wealth. It’s NOT letting their current life interfere with their desired life. This is what is takes to be a person who makes money.

Anyone can be exactly what they want to be, they just have to let go of whatever is holding them back. And 99 out of a 100 times, that thing is themselves.

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