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The LIES You Keep Telling Yourself

I would like to dedicate this post to the keyboard warriors on Twitter and Facebook who engage EVERY DAY in bashing Politicians & the Government.

Your SH*T Is Broken…

If you have time to keep posting hate, you have time to fix your OWN life. This is not someone else’s responsibility.

Here’s Why..

The very things you spend each day hating on and protesting about are the very things that use up your time and stop you from getting the same things that you are protesting about… You are spending too much time protesting and not enough time fixing your life.

If you honestly believe that your life rests on what decisions the president, the prime minister or other politicians come out with, you’re LYING to yourself…

If you want to deal with climate change, do something constructive to change it. Don’t moan at others…

If your life “sucks” do something constructive to change it..

The world seems full of people attacking the government and politicians, but are just too damn lazy to solve their own problems.

If you LACK money. Go out into the world and make your own. The government is not your own personal bank account.

If you don’t like how the country is run. Become a politician and fix it yourself.

BETTER STILL, stop complaining, get off of Facebook and Twitter, and fix your own life. Everything is FIXABLE – No one is responsible for you and your life, except YOU.

The Lies

The problem is, in 2022, many people still haven’t figured out that no one is coming to save them. Where we are now in our lives, came into being by an accumulation of our decisions, habits, and actions. It wasn’t someone else who made your life suck.

Politicians are not there for you (well, only when they want your vote), the Government isn’t there for you, only you are there for YOU.

When we complain daily, we are giving up our power. We are admitting that someone else is responsible for our lives and happiness. We are blaming our rotten life on some other individual or organization… doesn’t that sound STUPID?

Warrior Or Worrier

You’re either a Warrior or a Worrier. You can’t be both in this life. If you worry about every war, virus, recession, and price rise in the world, you’re screwed. Either you man up and sort your own problems out or you’ll keep blaming the Government.

Create your own economy, and stop using your neighbors, friends, etc as role models on how you should live your life. 97% of the population do the same old Sh*t over and over every day and stay the xxxxxxx same. Their only release is to moan and groan about their “hard luck”

The TRUTH is that 97% of the population is going around in circles, addicted to TV, and scared about what is going to happen next. This is no way to live..

This might sound harsh, but it is what it is. Nothing changes until you do. If you keep doing the same old sh*t every day (like most people do), you CAN’T expect a different result. It doesn’t work like that.

Now, here’s the good news. Anyone can change. You can change in a heartbeat, but you have to want to. You can’t persuade people to change, this is a common mistake. When you really want change, and I’m not talking about the change you think politicians are going to give you, when you desire it, really desire it, you’ll find ways to create it.

I hope you got value from its post. If you did, please do leave a comment below..

Have a great day.


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