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The Art Of Happiness, How To Find It And Keep It Your Whole Life Through

If you could buy happiness at a store, what would it look like?. Would it be yellow, with a smiley face – would it make you feel all cozy and warm inside?.

The truth is, happiness is not something you buy or earn, it’s actually something you give to yourself. You know you are happy, when you decide that you are.

How do you create happiness within?. It’s really a simple process. It’s not a process controlled by our outer world, it’s purely an inside job. Sure, external things such as new clothes and new cars, houses, holidays and money etc can boost happiness, but the boost is only temporary.

Real happiness comes from knowing that “everything will be alright” regardless of our outer circumstances. It is an inner glow that forces a smile, even if we don’t know why we are smiling. You spread it around and BINGO…. you get more.. As I write this on a cloudy day, I feel happy that these words may cheer you up, even if only for a fleeting minute.

Happiness starts with knowing that “things will work out” “i’ll be OK” even if it doesn’t look that way at the moment. Yes, life is hard, it’s not meant to be easy, its designed to squeeze the best out of you, and that is no possible with an easy ride..

The one thing I’ve always known, even from my mind as a small child is that the more happiness you give to others, the more you will always have for yourself. It’s a bit like jam, when you spread it around it affects others in a wonderful way. Jam is good, so is happiness.

Why Are Some People Happy And Others Aren’t?

If you go to any train or bus station, you will see an array of faces, often they will look tired, bored, maybe even scowling. People wear their thoughts on their faces.

“What will happen if I get fired”?

“How will we be able to pay the rent”?

“How many more years have I got till I retire”?

People churn all this negativity around in their heads EVERYDAY… Is it any wonder why many people live lives of desperation and are always unhappy?.

Stop With The Negative Internal Dialogue

How you view your world is everything. Some people see the world as a cold, dark and dangerous place. TV programming and “The News” often program people to see the worst. By telling you how bad everything is, it puts people into “survival mode” and this makes them very vulnerable and easy to manipulate.

Scared people need to be “informed” every day of what’s happening in this terrible world.

Whereas happy people tend to see the world as a place of opportunity. (because it is). Let’s face it, we are only here in this life for a mere 70 or 80 years at best, it doesn’t make sense to feel only the darkness without enjoying the light.

We are all responsible for the path our lives lead. Fate didn’t play a hand, your thinking and your decisions drove you here. You can just as easily lead yourself out of the darkness.

Life really is how you see it. It is also a reflection of what you yourself put into it. If you are always lethargic towards doing anything out of the ordinary, your life will be ordinary. If you constantly moan about everything, you’ll attract others who moan about everything too. How will that help you?. However, if you are constantly seeking ways to make your life more enjoyable, it will become more enjoyable.

Having more money won’t necessarily make your life better if you have no one to share it with. We are not designed to go through life alone and unhappy, however, like most problems, it is solvable. All problems can be reduced to bumps in the road if you don’t view every setback in life as a life-changing moment. Use every challenge you encounter as a stepping stone to success, if you step over enough failure you are bound to succeed at some point.

The truth is, you can’t get better at anything if you don’t encounter some kind of failure along the way. Just don’t take it to heart. Failures can actually be good for you if you learn from them.

Happiness – The Final Frontier

There are people all over the world who have decided to be happy, no matter what their outer world looks like. Some kids in Africa have absolutely nothing, they live in squalor, yet many are happy kids, not wanting much and just love being happy. In this material world we live in, we are often made to feel inferior if we don’t have the latest “look” or latest “iphone” etc, This is the problem with advertising, it makes us think that our lives are not complete if we don’t have all the latest “things”.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. You are already complete. You don’t need all that sh*t you see o social Media and TV to make you happy.. If you have a roof over your head, hot water, food in the fridge and someone to share your life with, you’re doing a lot better than a lot of people. Did you know that 70% of the World’s population live on less than $10 a day?

Happiness (along with time) is probably the most valuable thing we can have, and the best thing is (unlike time) we can give ourselves as much happiness as we want. It never runs out. People spend a lifetime trying to find it, whereas it was there all the time right inside of you. All you have to do is let it out. wear that smile like a King or Queen and give yourself the gift of happiness.

I hope you liked this post. If you did, why not leave a comment below (tell me what makes you happy?).

Have a great day.


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