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How To Get Out Of A Slump And Feel Good Again

Being in a funk, a slump, and losing your mojo affects many people, both young and old. It’s something we all have in common. It’s not nice, but you can fix it. Let’s go.

First of all, what exactly is a slump?.

Slump: A period of decline or deterioration, during which a person performs slowly, inefficiently, or ineffectively. Recently, I slipped into a slump. If you’ve been in a slump before, you’ll know how disempowering it feels. It feels like you are stuck and can’t get anything done.

Does that sound like something you are feeling at this moment?

How To Get Out Of A Slump – The Journey Back To Your Happy Place

Step 1. Be kind to yourself, don’t beat yourself up for being in a slump. It happens to near enough anyone, it can happen at any age and it won’t last forever.

Step 2. Try to figure out why you’re in a slump. You may or may not know this. Did something happen recently to upset you?, are you bored, tired of the same old thing?. Maybe it’s the weather, gloomy weather can affect people a lot. Is your job mundane?, do you feel like your life isn’t going anywhere?.

Step 3. Put your feelings down on paper. It’s a lot easier to find a solution if you know the problem. Don’t worry if you don’t know the cause. Pour out your feelings onto paper. This gives you a visual of the problem. For instance, if you write something like “every day seems the same”, or “my career, my relationship with “x” never seems to change or get better. We now know the area we have to change.

Step 4. Think of things you can be grateful for. I know this is a stretch if you’re in a slump but trust me, you have something, somewhere that you can be grateful for. You’re alive, you have the rest of your life in front of you. Some people don’t have that luxury.

Think about the people in your life. Do you have friends?. Do you have a crazy one? (most people have), maybe you don’t have a lot of friends, that can be fixed, you can always make new friends.

Do you have a pet?. Pets are good company. Some people love animals more than people. Whatever you are going through right now, think of an experience that you were grateful for. Keep reminding yourself of those experiences.

Step 5. See yourself as you want to be. This is not as mysterious as it sounds. One of the best ways to get out of a slump is to focus on how you want your situation to be and to stop focusing on how things are right now.

People (especially those in a slump) tend to keep focusing on how bad things are, this just makes things worse and you are attracting more or the same (Law of Attraction). You don’t want more of the same so you need to change your thinking.

Keep telling yourself “things always work out for me”, this may sound a little silly, but you would be surprised at the effect it will have on you in a positive way if you repeat it enough to yourself. Visualize what you want, now see yourself in the picture. Feel good about the picture, feel good about yourself. See yourself happy and smiling.

You can’t be down for long if you smile. It’s infectious. your smile will make others smile too.

Step 6. Change the soundtrack in your head. When people lose their mojo, they tend to have a series of negative commands they keep running through their brain. That voice in our heads that says things like “Oh, not another day” OMG, I can’t stand this job” “I hate myself” I think you know what I mean here… this has to STOP.

In order to get out of a slump, you have to change the soundtrack (literally), for things to change, you have to change. Most people (even people NOT in a slump) spend their lives thinking they aren’t good enough. They live tired, sheltered lives operating at around 10% of their true potential.

The main reason for this is that they have a low opinion of themselves. Is this you?.

You are a truly unique person. A one of a kind. Celebrate that. You don’t have to be someone you’re not, but you are definitely someone who has a lot more potential. We all are. Don’t waste time thinking how bad things are, things are never that bad. Change the soundtrack in your head, think happy thoughts, watch positive films, read positive books, start to change your thought patterns… THIS IS WHY YOU ARE IN A SLUMP…

It’s not the things that happen to you. It’s how you react to those things, remember that. If your opinion of yourself is low, the chances are you will react badly to bad things when they happen.

Step 7. The Universe has your back. The world is a deep reflection of you, your thoughts, and your actions. It’s like a mirror. We tend to see the world by our views, good or bad. In truth, the world is neither good or bad, it’s just how we view it. All of us get down in the dumps, yes, even the positive ones.. but we don’t all live there, and neither should you.

Do you want to get out of your slump?. Think differently. Time is precious, don’t waste it being down. Situations don’t last. Life has a way of balancing out. Sometimes the bad situation was just a message from the universe telling you that your current situation wasn’t right for you.


The girl/guy left you. This makes way for someone better.

The boss fired you. This makes way for a better job.

The business failed. There is a new opportunity waiting for you down the line, much bigger, much better.

You broke your leg. You were saved from something worse that may have happened a few days later had this not happened to you.

I could go on all day. I think you know where I’m going with this. Everything happens for a reason. We, ourselves create our world. The world is not doing anything “to” you, it is working “through” you. The very slump you’re in may just be a sign. Perhaps the universe is telling you to change something.

I hope this helps. If you liked this leave a comment below and share the post. Who knows, you might just be helping someone else who’s in a slump.

Final words from me:

A slump is temporary, they never last. Use this time to plan your next step, remember that most people are only operating on 10% of their true potential. You were born to be AMAZING, go out and find your HAPPY!.


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  • Keith are you in my head again? I was in a ‘funk’ just last week. Yes, I do know why. Yes, I am working on fixing my issue so I do feel much better this week. You scare me sometimes. How did you know? I must have put on Facebook so everyone would know.

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