Keith Everett

Magic or Tragic (Monday)?

Why do people have trouble with Mondays?

I think it Was Henry Ford, way back in 1926 who decided that Saturday and Sunday were to be non-working days. He, in effect, invented the “weekend”.

Prior to 1926, people worked as required and this often involved a Saturday. Henry Ford was also responsible for the 40hr week. Hence the “9-5” with time off at weekends.

These five days on and two days off probably suit a lot of people. The problem lies in the countdown period over the weekend that people often suffer from. The countdown to Monday.

Why is this?

It’s a bit like coming off a two-week vacation, there is a reluctance to get back to work. Even though the weekend is only two days, it seems a relatively short time off, but long enough for people to dread returning to work.

The Monday Morning Program

There are several things you can do about that Monday morning feeling. First of all, if you dread going to your job, ask yourself why you are doing it?

For a lot of people, the answer is “What else is there?”. I had a friend who works on the buses, he’s been driving the same route for over 30yrs. He hates his job, but sees no alternative, and YES, when I ask him why he doesn’t do something else, he says “What else is there?”

No matter what I say to him, he still believes that his “job” in life is to drive a bus around and around. Yes, he is really unhappy, but constantly fighting with himself over his job, his unwillingness to leave and how he views his future.

This is typical of the way people program themselves to fail. Instead of spending time on instigating a change, they would rather moan about their lot. The truth is, you got yourself into it, you can get yourself out of it. Choose something you would look forward to turning up to on a Monday Morning..

Sometimes A Change Is As Good As A Rest

Sometimes people just feel stuck. They look at all their bills each week and think that it is just too much hassle looking for another job. Most people can’t afford to skip a week’s wages so they view looking for and finding another job too risky. They may get less money and possibly lose a bit of money in the changeover period to starting a new job. .

I get this.

It’s very easy to get stuck in a financial trap. However, you can go around on the merry-go-round forever dreading the same old job. or you could decide to change and take action.

What action should I take?

If your job is getting you down, spend some of your spare time looking for another one. Dreading your job on a Monday morning is crazy. Especially if you have another 10,20,30 or 40 years in the workplace. You’ll end up making yourself ill. Stress is a killer.

Or you could look for a side hustle. This is a side job, you do this in the evening or on weekends to build up some bank. The more money you have, the more flexible your life becomes. Side hustles usually involve the internet and there is lots of information online about which side-hustles are best to start etc.

Or. Work toward working for yourself in a full-time capacity.

If you are sick and tired of having a boss moaning at you, why not work for yourself. YES, it’s not as safe and reliable as a job (although even a job isn’t 100% safe these days), at least you won’t dread Mondays anymore and it could lead you to a life of time and financial freedom.

Monday is just the name of the day. It’s the day of the moon. It has no magic power and carries no curse. People make it what it is, good or bad. People tend to hate Mondays and love Fridays because they are pegged to the 9-5 system invented nearly a hundred years ago. Maybe it’s good for the workers to have a set time system but it’s not always a good thing for mental health. You are always yoyo-ing between the five days on and the two days off.

And Finally..

The average person spends 2000 hours a year at work. That’s over 80,000 hours in a 40 year working lifetime. Were we, as human beings designed to give up so much of our lives in the name of work?

Think about it.

Have a great day.


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