Keith Everett

Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out?

Maybe when you were a kid you were taught to “keep your head down“, or “don’t upset the apple cart” or even “don’t rock the boat” – This is some of the worst advice you could ever get. This toxic advice keeps everyone and anyone obedient to the system.

My favorite is “don’t get ideas above your station”

Why not for god’s sake?

Although people often welcome change, they don’t always welcome it if it involves themselves, plus they feel that if they can’t change, then why should others. This makes no sense..

Boring, boring, boring..

“Fitting in” might get you a reasonably comfortable life but let’s be honest, the DOER’S of the world don’t generally go around trying to fit in and keeping their heads down. It just doesn’t happen.

You don’t get to do great things by fitting in. You get to do great things by standing out, rocking the boat, and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Risk, is not as risky as people think. It could be considered risky to do nothing but stay as you are. We can always hope that things don’t happen to us but invariably they do. Nothing is really safe, we just think it is.

To become great at anything, it begins by distancing ourselves from normality.

For instance:

A great singer doesn’t just sing in the bath. She sings everywhere she can. You have to self-market yourself if you want people to find you and make you a STAR*

A millionaire doesn’t get good at fitting in, they become outstanding at something and turn it into a GUSHER!. There are plenty of broke people giving advice on how to be rich. People who “fit in” know how to get a job, but very little about becoming a millionaire. Stand out, stand up, and be counted.

You can’t do great things unless you get your feet wet and your hands dirty. Doing is always going to be better than just learning and thinking about doing. If you are constantly trying to “fit in”, it’s a long hard slog to retirement and even then it’s a long hard slog through retirement to the final destination.

Do something great on the way.

There must be a lot of things you haven’t done yet that you wish you had. Our lifespan is not long enough to do everything, but anyone can do something. In order to be a great singer, if you have the initial talent, you need a coach to help you on your way. If you want to be a millionaire, get good at one thing and sell it every day, 24hrs a day.

Everyone can do something, and NO, “fitting in” won’t make you outstanding. Fitting in just makes you a copy of everyone else. And “everyone else” do not have the answers…

People worry about money… every day

People moan and attack the government verbally.. every day

People get jealous of their neighbors, family & friends… every day.

The only way off this treadmill is to fire up your boosters and go do something GREAT. This way you don’t have time to worry about all that sh*t, which, to be honest, isn’t going to be worth a cr*p when you are dead.

When you are dead, there will still be wars, when you are dead, politicians will still be lying like rats, when you are dead, people will still be moaning..

It’s almost as if all the world news is just a repeat of the same world news of old. History repeats itself and so do most people.

Do it now!, create a new movie, make it a good one, get started today, scratch that itch, and get it done. YOU are capable of anything, and if you don’t believe in yourself, I will believe in you till you do.

Have a great day


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