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The Art Of Moving Forward, How To Lose Your Reverse Gear

Moving forward, ME?. why must I always be moving forward?

That’s a good question.

Here’s the thing. Does life look better looking forward or does it look better looking back? If you keep looking back, you are replaying memories, this is cool if you are replaying good memories. But, in order to create more good memories, you have to first move forward. Agree?

Look, here is where it gets a bit messy. You try something, it fails and then you give up for a while. That is, you give up until it starts to nag you again and again, and you try again. Maybe this time you win, or maybe you lose again.

Going back or at least trying to go back is not good.

The past has gone.

We always seem to see “the good old days” as the best days. Our memories are often distorted by our present circumstances. It’s true, life was less complicated in the past. People were in less of a rush. Life has sped up since “the good old days”. But, these days will become someone’s “good old days”. Will it be you?

The truth is. We can keep looking back on past failures. We can even keep creating past failures OR we can decide to move on. Forward. Your life is not going backward, your life is moving forward, and as you go through life, the timespan of your life on this earth is getting shorter.

Doesn’t it make sense to create more good memories? After all, isn’t life something to be savored, rather than something to keep looking back and praying for “the good old days”.

Whatever it is holding you back? Let it go. There is really never a right time… people come out with all kinds of excuses to hang on to reverse gear. Taking that first step forward is always hard, especially if it’s new, but once you break the habit of staying still, you’ll find it a lot easier as you go.

We create habits all the time. Some good, some bad. Keeping on looking back is only one of the “reverse gear” habits that we hang on to. Failing and giving up is another. Ask yourself this question.

How badly do I want this?

If your answer is something wishy-washy, then skip it, forget it, but if you answer ” I HAVE TO HAVE IT”, my advice is to get started TODAY, before you have a chance to change your mind, and keep going until you have it… because, if you REALLY want it. You’ll get it.

Make a decision.

Once you see nothing else but the thing you want, you’ll get it. Once you’ve locked it into your mind that you’ll have it, there is no going back. No reverse.

STOP starting all over again, make it your strategy to stay on track, and move forward at all times, if you approach anything with a bullet-proof attitude, you CAN’T fail. If it’s just a MAYBE I’ll DO IT, you’ll nearly always fail. That’s the difference.

I hope you got some value from this post. I hope you follow through and move forward with a BOLD attitude and wings under your feet. Don’t keep disappointing yourself and those around you. you never know who is looking.

Have a great day


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