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Is The TV News Making You Sick?

TV News, could it actually be making you unwell?.

I remember a short while ago being attacked on Facebook for saying that the TV news was nothing more than a way of keeping people afraid, wary and cynical about the world. He told me that TV news was a way of keeping informed

Informed of what, I said?.

Murder, rape, war, strikes, inflation, gossip?.

If that is what you mean by “keeping informed”, I think i’ll give it a miss.. .

TV News – Is The Program Actually Programming Us?

Some people constantly watch the news. They watch it in the morning, midday and again in the early evening. They may even watch the latest news at 10.00pm at night. What do you think this is doing to your wellbeing?

How about this recent research:

LUBBOCK, Texas — Keeping up with the latest news can be very bad for your health, according to a new study. Researchers at Texas Tech University found that Americans who obsessively follow the news are more likely to suffer from both physical and mental health problems, including anxiety and stress.

Those who constantly check the latest headlines end up with “significantly greater physical ill-being” than those who tune in less often, according to the findings. The team adds that constantly keeping on top of the latest developments can lead to a vicious cycle where people always check for more updates, rather than tuning out after a quick read.

TV News – Here’s Why People Watch It Obsessively

The TV news focuses mainly on things going badly in the world. People are more interested in bad news than they are in good news. We use the news to “check in” with what’s going on around the world, instead, we are shown a horror show of death, mass murder, bombings, people being arrested for terrorist acts, fraud and rape.

How is this adding to your well being?

People were scared half to death during the Covid 19 episode as we all thought we was going to die if we didn’t wash our hands properly. But we are exposes to all that is wrong with the world on a daily basis as if we all really need to know these things.

The news is biased. They hone in and focus on the bad stuff and hardly give the good stuff a mention, WHY? – because it’s the bad stuff that keeps people coming back for more. Fear sells airtime and it sells newspapers. The more fearful the headlines, the more readers and viewers they get.

These media companies make billions out of scaring the population to death. Unfortunately, constantly reminding yourself how bad everything is just makes you more and more fearful. This can cause mental health issues and can even lead to even greater health issues.

We need more balance. The world is generally a good place and most of it is good. The TV news looks for problems and then they attempt to bring them into our living rooms.

TV News – Preserving Your Sanity

Personally, I don’t have to be reminded that the economy is flat, people are striking or that there is a war in Ukraine. TV programming influences people. It can influence your mind to believe it’s all bad, when truly, it isn’t. The world actually ISN’T falling apart.

ALSO, take note of some of the questions and the way that reporters frame them to get people to talk about how bad things are. The whole thing really is one big fake-fest of selling fear and loathing.

Keep positive. Stick around positive people and watch and listen to positive stuff. Join our group of positive people. The news won’t make you well, but it might make you sick. Turn it off.

Have a great day


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