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The No1 SECRET To Reversing Your Age

Reversing your age. Is that even possible?

I think it’s pretty common knowledge now that our lifestyle, our regular habits, good or bad can make us look younger or older. In this blog post, I am going to discuss what I personally think is the NO1 secret for age reversal, and NO, it isn’t dieting.

But first. Just to show you that SOME age reversal is possible, I want to draw you to a clinical trial undertaken by the Helfgott Research Institute on 43 healthy males between the ages of 52 – 73.

These 43 males were given a lifestyle change. They were given a diet, sleep, exercise, and relaxation program. Supplemented with probiotics and phytonutrients over a course of eight weeks. The result? Scientists found that participants’ biological ages—measured by the Horvath 2013 DNAmAge clock—decreased by three years.

Reversing Your Age – The NO1 SECRET

Ok, so far, we have learned that diet, exercise and healthy sleep patterns can alter a person’s physical appearance and their biological age over time. In other words, the healthier we are, the younger we may appear.

Let me take you back a few years to one of my friends. I’ll call him John. He was a heavy smoker, and he loved his alcohol (I’m not judging here). He was also a keen junk food eater, He loved booze, cigs, and junk food so much that at a mere 35 years of age, he resembled a very overweight man in his 50’s.

His lifestyle had made him look around 15yrs older. He also had a very negative attitude and never seemed very happy.

His brother had similar habits and died of thrombosis in his 40’s. The reason I’m telling you all this is, lifestyle does affect how you look and feel, but also it affects different people in different ways.

Let me introduce you to my nan, Francis. She smoked, eat bread and dripping (animal fat), had no central heating in her house, had a coal fire, she used an outside toilet, but she lived to the grand old age of 99.

She was always very positive though.

Here’s The SECRET.

There is no doubt that your lifestyle affects your body and your appearance. I think this has been proven beyond doubt. But one thing that isn’t often discussed in the anti-aging media is how your thoughts also affect your appearance and biological age. If anything, I would say that this is the MOST important factor.

People age long before their time. If you look at negative people, people who only see the bad things in life, you will see their appearance is usually down, drawn, and of a sallow appearance. I’m not saying all negative people look like this, but there is definitely a trend there.

Negative thoughts raise our stress levels, releasing a chemical called cortisol into the brain. This in itself stops the brain from functioning properly and can interfere with memory and attention. On the other hand

Positive thoughts trigger the feel-good hormone called serotonin. The higher levels you have of serotonin in your brain, the lower the level of cortisol (the stress hormone). This tells you that positive thinking does actually affect your health.

This means that as stress affects our biological and physical age, a healthy dose of positivity (along with a sensible intake of food and exercise), can actually keep you looking and feeling young.

Anti Ageing – What Has Tom Hanks Got to Do With Anything?

Here is an example. And I have no medical information to back this up, but I have studied human psychology for years, so bear with me here. Who remembers a 2000 film called “Castaway” starring Tom Hanks?. To cut a long story short, The FedEx plane that Hanks was traveling in crashed into the sea, there were no survivors except him. He spent years alone on a deserted island and was eventually rescued.

His only companion on the island was make-believe friend called “Wilson” who was actually an old football that came down with the plane.

What’s all this got to do with anti-aging you may ask?

Well, my theory is, people often age because society expects us to behave in a certain way, at a certain age. Generally, we level up to society’s expectations of us. At 65, (generally), the government expects you to retire and take it easy. Even the word “retire” sounds very snoozy.

Did Tom Hanks lose track of time on that desert island?

Possibly (humor me here, I know it was only a film) If he did, he may have totally lost track of the years and wouldn’t have known how old he was. Not until he was rescued anyway.

When rescued he would have then realized what year it was, and therefore knew how old he was, or how old he should act. We tend to support our age in years by our age in behavior. In other words, we check our age, celebrate yet another birthday and act accordingly.

We spend our lives looking forward to retirement. This is crazy. People seem to treat this time of their lives as their final resting place before death. What if you reversed that thinking?.

Let’s say you are 80 in physical years. you probably still like the music you’ve always liked, you probably would still like to do what you did in your 40’s, 50’s etc. Maybe you are fit or perhaps your body is bent over, perhaps you ache all over. What if you lost your memory and you woke up thinking you were 40?

What do you think would happen?

Providing society didn’t intervene and you didn’t run into any well-meaning friends, you might carry on life not knowing who you really are. Yes, at first you might wonder why you ache so much like an 80yr old, being as you think you’re only 40, but over time..

Over time, you would start to re-adjust to being that 40year old again. Your brain (who doesn’t know the truth from a lie) would start to pull you back into that 40yr old way of thinking, and your body condition would start to reverse, slowly backward. Now, as I say, this is not scientifically proven, however, the brain is so powerful, it has the ability to adjust your future just by the power you give it.

Instead of thinking of yourself as old, or in your twilight years, reframe yourself as being at a classic age, you are even more valuable today than you were 50,60,70,80+ years ago, you have a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom to share.

Think young, think positive, live a healthy lifestyle, and be determined to live past 100, people are living longer now, anything is possible.

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