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The Craziness Of Laziness, How To Supercharge Your Inner-Demons & Get Everything You Want

Desire comes in all shapes and sizes and although we all desire something (hopefully!), more often or not it’s no more than a wishy-washy want, rather than a concrete plan to obtain that desire. Success in anything comes in two parts and guess what, part 2 isn’t just thinking about it..

Part 1. A strong desire. Stronger than the desire to not do it. You MUST have this. If it’s something you would like to do rather than something you MUST do, it probably won’t happen.

Part 2. Relentless action daily until your itch has been finally scratched. I mean every day, not just “working days”. Working days are designed for people who work for bosses. 5 days on 2 days off.. If you really want something, it must bleed into your senses, it must become YOU…

Like anything in life, you can sit around forever and wait, but all waiting does is reduces the odds of actually getting what you want. So, that plan is doomed to fail from the get-go.

Think about it, you don’t have 100 years left to sit around and think about doing something. If you need to wait so long to get started, you can’t really want it that bad, and not wanting it that bad is probably the NO1 reason most people don’t get to where they really want to go. .

Wait Till You’re Dead To Be Lazy

You’re a long-time dead. Today you have life. If you want to be the very best you can be, you have to stop trying to be like everyone else. You can’t be two people at the same time (unless you have dissociative identity disorder (DID).

To get what you want, you have to live it before it happens. You have to see yourself as/doing/becoming/acting/being. In other words, you no longer subscribe to “seeing is believing”, from now on in, it is “believing before seeing”. This is what produces it in reality, with correct direction and work, of course.

So, why do so many people work so hard, yet never obtain their desires in life?.

This is pretty simple really. Most people are just too busy doing other things that don’t move them any nearer today than they were yesterday towards that desire. In other words, stalemate.

Joe Karbo, a Mail Order millionaire wrote a very famous book back in 1973 called “The Lazy Man’s Way To Riches. In that book is a quote that says:

Most people are too busy earning a living to make any real money

Joe Karbo

How true this is. Even though the title of this blog post is “The Craziness of Laziness”, it doesn’t refer to people’s everyday lives. People generally work hard. I know that – my own friends work 5 to 6 days a week to keep food on the table for their families. The laziness part actually comes when working on your dream.

A dream where you are not spending time working toward it daily is really just a wish. People often complainin that they “just don’t have the time”, yet they will work 40/50 hours a week for 40 or 50 years for someone else, then spend hours in front of the TV in the evening and weekend.

What they are really saying is, “I would rather be doing something else”.

Finding time is down to being creative. The same creativity that you need to reach your goal. Nothing comes to those who wait or procrastinate, things only come to those who work toward what they want daily. And, I say “daily” because obtaining success in anything in life requires discipline and the formation of new habits, mainly because the old habits are not getting you what you want.

You know when you are getting nearer to reaching your goals, weird sh*t starts to happen. You start to feel happier, more satisfied, tired but happier. Life has new meaning, you feel excited.

This really should be what life is all about, shouldn’t it? Do you think we were designed to feel tired all the time, broke, working God knows how many hours just to pay bills and afford a couple of holidays a year? Would you describe this as the best you can do?

I’m not knocking it. I’ve been a part of that system for many years. It sucks!. I know it suits some people, that’s fine, but if it doesn’t suit you, do something about it. NOW!… You will be defined by what you do, not what you think. Thinking is fine in the moment, but it won’t get you far in life unless you turn those thoughts into action.

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