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7 SUPER Habits That Can Change Your Life Forever

SUPER Habits. What are they and how can they help you out right now? SUPER habits are the habits that can make the most difference, right here right now.

I’ve chosen the 7 habits that will absolutely Turbo charge your life if you stick to them.

Are you ready?

Habit 1. Let go of the need to be right all the time. If you are constantly on the defence every time someone disagrees with you, you might want to reassess the way that you react when someone has a different opinion than yours. You see, we see things as WE think they exist, not necessarily as they actually DO exist. There are often two sides to every story and your opinion may not always be the correct one, even if you think it is.

We often tend to argue, just to save face.

Cut people some slack. Be wrong sometimes, I’m not saying you should always give in to someone else’s opinion, but see it fro their side too. No one likes a know-it-all and people are far more likely to listen to you if you can be humble enough to admit that you’re wrong now and again.

Habit 2. Let go of the fear of being wrong. Never assume that you can’t do something. I have news for you. If someone else has done it, you probably can too. We often think things are too hard therefore we won’t or don’t attempt to do them as we hate to fail and we hate to look stupid if we get it wrong. the real problem for people is not that they CAN’T do something – as you really can… we fear failing therefore we won’t get uncomfortable and “just do it”

Solution: Do it anyway. Spend your life moving forward and doing the things you really want, guess what?, you’ll get some of those things right. You don’t have to announce to all and sundry on Social Media that your’e doing XXXX. Keep it to yourself, or if you can’t, get an accountability partner. You only get good at things once you’ve started them. Start anything without knowing exactly how to do it, fail a few times and eventually it will all fall into place, and you’ll kick yourself for not starting earlier.

Turbo Habits – Supercharge Your Life

Habit 3. Don’t wait for the right time. It rarely shows up. To be honest, I used to do this all the time. I would write down stacks of ideas and leave them in a folder until I was “ready”. The hard truth is, you’re ready right now, today is the best time – don’t wait till summer to sell T-Shirts, get good at it right now, then when summer comes around, you’ll be a TURBO seller..

Write that book now, set up that online store on Etsy, open that Shopify shop, the right time is now..

Habit 4. Let go of toxic people. This is a tough one as three quarters of the world’s population lean toward the negative. I’m not talking about letting go of family or your closest friends, but if they are always moaning and complaining – how is that helping you? I remember hearing a few years ago about 4 letters that spelt G.I.G.O, it stood for Garbage in, Garbage out, and is very true.

See less of the people who drain you and see more of the positive ones, or make more friends of people who really are on your side. Everyone needs a back-up team in this life, make sure your team has got your back.

Habit 5. Get Organized. Muddle is not a good strategy. Run your life like you would run a business, stick to a plan. If you leave it up to life itself to take you where it wants to, it may not produce much. Like any captain, your ship (whatever that may be) needs organizing.

Keep a journal for you and your family’s activities. Organize your days, weeks and months to get the biggest bang for your buck. Forward plan for holidays and days out, add surprises to your monthly journal to keep your family life even more interesting. Plan ahead, organize the family budget and make your crew happy by being a leader who leads the family towards new interests, days out and exciting experiences.

Habits Of A Healthy Brain

Habit 6. Don’t just feed your body. Feed your brain. Your brain is really one large muscle. Albeit a very intelligent one. And just like a muscle, it needs exercise.

Even though the brain cells are not muscle fibers, brains cells also operate under the same general principle: Use it, or lose it. If a brain cell is not used, or does not communicate with the cell next door, that brain cell loses its function

TV is like chewing gum for the eyes, it doesn’t help the brain at all. What helps the brain is doing activities. For example, crosswords, coloring in adult coloring books, playing chess, reading daily etc. Things that stimulate the brain.

The brain is the engine of your whole being, if you don’t exercise it, you could possibly lose a lot of cognitive function over time. Perhaps a lot more than you need to.

And Finally

Habit 7. The Habit Of Self-Love. It’s not vain to love yourself. If you can’t love yourself, how can you expect others to love you?. Self love is and always will be an essential tool to have in your toolkit. What you think of yourself usually plays out in your life itself. Nearly everything we think comes from the perspective of how we feel about ourselves.

Life is a lot sweeter if you love yourself. Recognising your self-worth is essential, going through life with confidence makes the ride a whole lot better, and why shouldn’t you feel good about yourself?. People who have done better than you are no better than you.

In your journal, write 10 things you really like about yourself. If you get stuck ask your friends and family. You might just be surprised. There are always people watching you, being guided by you and silently thinking you are the “bees knees”. Love yourself and love your life.

I hope you found these 7 habits useful, if you did, give this post some LOVE.. please do leave a comment below, and why not share the post?, someone you know might find this helpful.

Have a great day


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