Keith Everett

The Funny Thing About Death

It’s a funny old world. In our teens most of us are dying to be older, we can’t wait to ‘just get on with it”, get out there in the “real world, start adulting, get a job, a career, a partner, a house, etc…

Several years later we are “dying” again, this time we are dying to be young again.

We are missing our “youth”. It felt so good, so cool, so comfortable…

Maybe our skin starts to crack and we get a few lines on our faces, but this doesn’t devalue us..

Life has it’s ups and downs and doesn’t always turn out how we want it, in fact, for most of us, it is up and down, very unpredictable.

It can be messy at times, wonderful in places and heartbreaking in others.

But, DEATH!!!, what’s that all about? Although there is nothing funny about a person “passing on” our feelings toward it can sometimes be a little bit funny… Why?

It’s so morbid. whatever happened to celebrating someones life?

The truth is… If we are dead, we are the last to know about it. The heartbreak of death is felt by the people we leave behind, not us. Why do we make them feel worse by giving them two hours of downbeat negativity?

And should we fear death?.. after all, who says it’s a bad thing?

Why Death Might Be Just The Beginning

To put this is perspective, let’s look at the miracle of life. When we are born scientists say that the odds of you actually being born in the first are at least 1 in 400 trillion. How amazing is that?. 1 in 400 Trillion.

Do you suppose that you have beaten those amazing odds for nothing?

Of course not. The idea is to make your life as amazing as possible. There is no purpose set in stone for you to follow, your purpose is whatever you make it.

And DEATH?. why would you defy odds of 400 Trillion to one to just die and be done? It doesn’t make sense… a miracle in can result in a miracle out. Dying might just be the beginning of yet another 70 or 80 year journey… who knows?

And when you hit those senior years, we can just as easily reframe how we think of them and give ourselves a brand new purpose. You don’t have to be old. Most of the things that happen to us in our senior years can be avoided. NOTE: I said most, not all.

HOW?: Eat better, eat less, less TV, less Screen time, less booze, cut cigarettes, read more, smile more, stick around positive people, drink more water, get more sleep. Have a purpose, live with passion… I could go on, but I won’t..

Your Body Reacts To How Your Brain Thinks

60+ Yrs old. This is the spring of your senior years. This is a good time to get some healthy outdoor exercise. Keep trim, be kinder to your body. If you haven’t already, learn a new skill, perhaps use this skill to make an extra income to boost any incoming pension. Spend some time each year visiting somewhere new. Keep your existing friends and always be making new ones.

70+ Years old. This is the summer of your senior years. Keep fit, keep up the travel where possible. Keep the mind focused and fit, read self-help books, listen to positive audios, don’t binge-watch hour on hour of TV, go out into nature, keep you car driving license going where possible. Keep telling yourself you’re only in the summer of your prime. Make new friends, keep all the existing ones.

80+Years old. This is the autumn/the fall of your senior years. If you are finding it difficult to travel, make sure you meet up at least once a week with friends over zoom, or hold weekly meet-ups at your house. Keep as fit as you can by walking. If you are still driving, visit the best of your local area, take up a new hobby, if you can go on vacation once or twice a year with a friend. Stay active. The mind is a muscle, the less you use it, the less it works. Keep the brain active by doing puzzles, reading and studying.

90+Years old. Hopefully, you’re still with us. This is the winter of your senior years. Keep up all your relationships, use the telephone or zoom to stay in touch. Try booking a cruise where they come to your house and pick you and your luggage up (Titan). Stay motivated, look after your brain health, keep reading, stay active. Stay around positive people, avoid people who talk about sickness and death all the time… stay away from funerals, especially your own…

The Final Chapter

By this stage you might think, OK, i’m ready for the next chapter.

We are all energy, I truly believe we are all part of the same universe. No one really quite knows where our next encounter will be after our body gives up the ghost. Whatever your religious beliefs are, I do believe that we are all connected. Whereas we see so much divisiveness in life, in death we are all one.

When you are close to death, the people around you will tell you to look for the light. That light could be the light at the end of the tunnel, a new beginning, a new life. When we are born, we see the light at the end of the tunnel, is this the same light we see in death? Maybe we are just being reborn again.

And just one last word…

Don’t fear death. Fear not living. One day death will come and you may not even see it… until then, live like there is no tomorrow….