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BREAKING NEWS – Your Self Worth Is Not Your Net Worth

What is your self worth?.  It’s how you value yourself. It’s not based on what others think of you or the things you have (or haven’t) accomplished. It comes from within.

People tend to have two main Bank Accounts, their actual physical bank account and their emotional bank account. The problem arises when people keep linking the two.

For example ” I will be happy when i’ve made my first million”. or “When I succeed in business, everything will be OK”. The problem with this is that you will never be happy because you are chasing something that you’ll never catch.

Let me use an analogy that one of my most inspirational mentors Peter Sage uses. Think of a greyhound. Greyhounds love to run, it’s what they do. In a race they end up chasing an electric rabbit. One that they never catch.Does the winning greyhound get upset that he couldn’t catch the rabbit?. Absolutely not. Why?, because he excels at running and loves to run. Most people spend their lives chasing something that they never catch, the dream girl/guy, the yacht, the dream house, etc, etc, because as soon as they reach that target, they increase the goal, hence once again they put off being happy until a new target is reached.

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Just like chasing the rabbit.

Money does not determine your self worth, only you can determine this. Your self worth will never be your net worth as even some millionaires spend their lives being miserable. Money will never replace love, money is a tool of exchange and only a tool. Sure, it can bring short term happiness but money only exists as payment for the value you give, it was never intended to be a replacement for anything else.

How do you increase your self worth?, love yourself more. Appreciate yourself more. Realise that your value lies in your value to others, unpaid or otherwise. The greatest currency in the World is not money, it is how you treat others.

People who treat others well tend to be treated better themselves. This is emotional currency.

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