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Facebook Friends – How To Completely Screw Them Up In Just Under 6 Minutes

Good Facebook friends can be like Gold Dust!..

They can make your day by helping you with motivation, they can make you laugh, introduce you to some amazing facts, and perhaps even provide a wacky video or two. They are always there if and when you need them. 

If anytime you feel like some light relief, maybe even just a break from work or just someone to talk to, your Facebook friends are there for you. I personally feel greatly enriched by all the different cultures, backgrounds, and different personalities that go to make up my very own crazy bunch of Facebook friends.

However, as in all areas of life, there are a few people on Facebook, who in my opinion take more out of the pot than they contribute. They are the people who never comment, like, share or contribute to any part of your conversations, but then are quite happy to ask you for favors.

I get several people a day who perhaps I have never spoken to, then all of a sudden BOOM, they go straight in for the KILL..with their latest BIZ-OP!

Facebook Friends – Don’t Pop The Question To Soon

It takes time to get to know people. You wouldn’t just walk up to someone in a bar and ask them to marry you, would you?

Of course not.

People need to feel valued first. You also need to add value first.


1) You like people who like you, RIGHT?

2) You like people who are like you, RIGHT?

3) You like people who you would like to be like RIGHT?… so if I don’t know you, or have had no contact whatsoever, WHY would you assume I would just buy your stuff out of the blue? Why?

It’s all about the words Social Media, the clue is in the words, this is Social Media, therefore let’s be Social!..

You are far more likely to get people to do things for YOU, if you at least do something for them first, even if it’s just liking or commenting on their posts, it’s still SOMETHING.

How To Keep Facebook Friends

It takes time to cultivate a real friendship, both offline and on, and it can take just minutes, even less to completely RUIN it!.. Here are some suggestions for keeping friends and influencing people on Facebook:

1) When people comment, share, or like your posts… return the favor.

2) If you want people to “like” your page, contact them and ask them if they have a page you can “like” in return

 3) Every now and then surprise people with a personal message, just wishing them a great day or something simple like that can be a great way to keep your name at the forefront of a person’s mind

4) Add content to your wall that is informative, amazing, funny, and of enough interest so that when other people share it, they feel the VALUE of your friendship.

But MOST of all, always give MORE than you TAKE, this way you will always have a huge stream of willing Facebook friends who will want to help you.

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