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how to lose weight

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting Or Going To The Gym.

How to lose weight? I have a better question. How do you lose weight and keep it off while still eating the foods you love?.

how to lose weight

I turned to my online health clinic. YouTube..

The young-looking Asian guy peered out from the video. I would have put him as being around 28 years of age, give or take a year or two.

When he said he was 44, I have to admit, I was pretty surprised.

I had listened to YouTube videos in the past talking about losing weight and to be fair, some ideas were pretty good, but most rely on you going on a diet. This, I seriously have a problem with as I’m quite fond of my food. Anyone else?

I was about three minutes into the video when the young-looking, but not-so-young Asian guy started talking about Intermittent fasting. Did this mean going for days and days without food and then scoffing yourself silly?. NO!.

How To Lose Weight By Eating The Same Foods

I tried this and it worked. It’s a simple process and like any process that you haven’t done before, it is going to take a while to get used to.

Intermittent Fasting, the right way.

When I say the right way, I mean it was right for me. I simply love food, you could give me curry for breakfast and I would eat it. I love fish and chips, pizza, and all of that other healthy stuff. Just kidding. I do like it but I do eat mainly healthy-ish food

I could never lose weight. I had trouble dieting and my many sessions down the gym just seemed to blow the spare tyre around my waist up even more.

Look at how the average person eats.

They get up, grab a coffee and possibly have breakfast of some sort. If they don’t snack during the morning they may have some kind of meal around 1 o’clock. If they are not snacking during the afternoon they may stop for dinner at around 6 pm. The evening is filled with further munching of snacks in front of the TV.

Is it any wonder most people don’t lose weight?. They never give their body a chance to burn up the food. At night when you sleep, the body goes into stealth mode, it doesn’t do a lot by way of burning calories.

How to Lose Weight – Shift Weight Without Dieting

The way to shift weight without dieting is to change the times you eat. Your body’s metabolism slows down as you age. Some people have a slow metabolism anyway. Here’s how to speed it up and burn more fat.

Step 1. Skip breakfast. Move it to lunchtime.

Step 2. Stop eating after 7pm at night.

This gives your body more time to burn fat.

Give your body a rest from food each day of around 16/17 hours (including your sleep). This is a sensible way to lose weight and to keep it off.

Most diets don’t work because you are depriving yourself of the very foods that you love. You start a diet, and after only a few days or weeks, you are back to the same weight again because willpower won, and after you were dreaming every night about all of those foods you were missing, you gave in and demolished a whole pack of chocolate chip cookies.

Intermittent fasting does work. There is science behind it. I lost half a stone on it and I’ve managed to keep it off for months. Shifting your food times ultimately will result in less food intake. Your body will get used to your new food intake pattern and will reward you accordingly.

What if I get hungry in the morning? – Drink a glass of water or drink your favourite beverage? This will fill some of the space in your stomach, without adding lots of calories.

By the way. The reason I mentioned the young-looking Asian guy who wasn’t so young was because he reckoned intermittent fasting can actually make you look younger too.

Can it? – you decide.

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